Start Your Blog Off Right In 2016

Goodbye 2015! Let’s make a new start for the New Year. A key component of your overall SEO strategy-a successful blog-can often be a source for leads and provide a little ranking boost. However, these benefits are only available if you blog correctly. How do you get the most of each post? Let’s look at how you can start your blog off right in 2016!

What are You Writing About?

What are you doing differently in 2016? Are you offering new services? Are you changing your approach, or possibly offering discounts or specials? These are perfect examples of what you should be blogging about. Let your current and potential clients know what’s different and why they should turn to you in 2016. As the year continues, add topics about your field of expertise, address commonly asked questions, and maybe offer a fun quiz or even a contest. Remember, you want people to be ready to click based on the title alone.

A Few SEO Blogging Tips

There are a few things you can do to help your blog succeed. Often, the steps you take to make your posts more interesting also improves user experience, which is the focus of SEO. Google and other search engines reward sites that provide a good user experience:

  • Use original content. Don’t plagiarize material or repost old blogs.
  • Incorporate pictures and videos to break up text and make the post more attractive on social media.
  • Change up the format! Try a quiz, a top 5 list, or even a FAQs post.
  • Use headings to break up blocks of text.
  • Use long tail keywords correctly and organically.
  • Always include a CTA or About paragraph to lead back to your site and provide contact information

Post Often and Always Share!

Studies show that posting frequently can help SEO. We recommend a minimum of four times a week, keeping your website active and providing a steady stream of new and original material.

After posting, share on your social media pages. Spread the word; don’t let your posts languish on your website. Social media provides an excellent means of attracting new readers and potentially new clients.

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