How Do I Write A Better Blog Post?

We’ve mentioned multiple times in our posts that blogging can be an essential part of your overall SEO strategy. We’ve even offered a few tips on proper keyword usage and linking options. But what about the post itself? What about the content? After all, these are meant for more than just improving your SEO ranking. We want people to read these and gain real and useful knowledge. How do you write a better blog post?

What Will You Blog About?

You need to be seen as an expert in your field, so choose your content carefully. Good blogging content needs:

  • To be relevant to your services
  • Address a common question or provide good information
  • Well written and free of any errors

We also suggest finding studies and statistics to back up your claims. Including a brief sentence highlighting this information and link to the original source. Let your readers see you know what you’re talking about and that you have the numbers to back it up!

Better Headlines

People will often find your post by searching for a related subject or browsing social media. As a result, you need a title that grabs their attention. Not only that, but the title should tell them exactly what your post is about. For example, “5 Tips for Maintaining a Brighter Smile” is short, less than 60 words, and tells them that by reading what you’ve written they will have new information on avoiding teeth stains.

As far as SEO, the rise of longer search queries due to smartphones means Google pays close attention to questions, so a title that includes Who, What, Where, How, and When can be beneficial. An example might include, “How Do I Avoid Toothaches?”

Don’t Forget Your Call to Action!

Every successfully blog post is a chance to draw readers to your website and hopefully, convert them to satisfied clients. You should always include a Call-To-Action or About paragraph. Let them know who you are, what you offer, and how to contact you. This one short paragraph is absolutely vital to your blog.

Don’t Be Afraid to Promote Your Content

As obvious as this may seem, and as many times as we’ve mentioned it, you need to remember to always share your content! You improve SEO and improve the odds of people actually clicking and reading your content. Share them on all your social media accounts and don’t be shy! Your blog is meant to reach people.

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