Do You Really Need A Mobile-Friendly Site?

According to a recent study by KPCB, 51% of a person’s daily Internet use is on a smartphone. We’ve officially hit the stage where more online browsing is being done on phones than on a desktop or laptop. What does this mean for you? Well, if you own and operate a website for your business, this means you need a mobile-friendly website. Otherwise, even if you have a slick design with original content you may be turning away potential clients.

SEO and Smartphones

Since more and more people ate turning to smartphones to look for a service or conduct a search query, Google is now factoring this into their algorithms. For example, just a few years ago a keyword was simply one or two words used a few times in text to improve SEO. However, people search differently on a phone. We tend to type questions instead of a handful of words, as we do on a desktop. As a result, Google now adopts long tail keywords. Instead of “dental fillings” you may use “how do I find dental fillings in Dallas”.

Don’t Turn Away Clients!

Have you ever searched on your phone for something, found a site that seems to have your information, but the site isn’t mobile friendly? The text appears small, the website is hard to navigate, and the experience is frustrating. You probably aren’t going back to that website are you? You need a site that is easy to read on a phone or tablet. A responsive website can change to fit the screen of whatever a person is using. You need a mobile-friendly site, after all, most studies show that a person will simply click away from a website that isn’t mobile friendly or easy to navigate in a matter of seconds. Don’t turn away your potential clients!

How to Get Started

First, find someone who understands how to create a mobile-friendly website. You may be able to convert your website but odds are your entire site will need changes. While this may seem daunting, know that this is a very sound investment and crucial to maintaining optimal SEO ratings.

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