What Does Your Website Need?

Once your website goes live, it becomes one of the first things a potential clients will see. This is your ambassador, going out into the world and introducing new people to your business. To ensure these “meetings” take place, you need to maintain a successfully SEO strategy. What does your website need to implement this? How do you get started?

Proper Keyword Usage

Typically we rely on keyword phrases, which are essentially what people would type into their smartphones when searching for a business or service. For example, “restaurant in city, state” or “Dentist in city” or “How does teeth whitening work” might be how a person searches for a service on a phone. Now, you should only use these 3-5 times, any more and you run the risk of actually hurting your SEO ranking. The keywords should also appear in the text organically.

Organic Links

Your webpages and even your blog posts should contain links back to the website or to other pages in the website. For example, if you cosmetic dentistry page mentions teeth whitening then why not link to your whitening page? These links are noticed by Google’s algorithms and make navigating your website easier for users.

Original Content

We can’t stress this enough. In their quest to improve user experience, Google and other search engines focus on original content. You shouldn’t borrow or steal from other sources or reuse content. Instead, always write original and unique content.

Social Media

Google notices when a website has content that is being shared or liked on social media. After all, this means the website is likely to be a good source for a user. So always make social media accounts and share your content to your followers.

Local Information

When you search for a local business, Google often pulls information from the Contact webpage to provide users with relevant phone numbers and addresses. Which is why you need to make sure your website contains a contact page with all of the relevant contact, including addresses, email, phone numbers, and directions.

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