Technical SEO or Content Marketing: Which Is Better?

Great questions, and a fine one to ask around the time of this post and the state of SEO. Technical SEO use to be at the top of the list of priorities for web masters and internet marketers. Some basic changes in the website’s function and presentation could mean the difference between not ranking higher than page ten on the SERPs or pulling position one within a month or two.

Then, enter the user. They want content that’s accurate, precise, funny, etc. So, content creators began feeding the user what they wanted and how they wanted it. They even offered up various types of content in different formats to appease those not fond of text based information. Videos exploded across the internet. Now, don’t quote the timeline here, but it’s close to what’s occurred, and it is relevant to answering the question.

Which strategy is better?

The simple answer: Yes.

You may tilt you head and look at the screen with curiosity, but you need both. There’s no gray area on this. With the standards and expectations of search engines and users on a united front, your website needs a technically flawless foundation and an optimized content creation strategy. Without both, you will not achieve your optimal internet presence.

Technical SEO Value

In short, technical SEO is what appeases the search engines. The accessibility for bots and crawlers to access your site and index it is priority number one. The second most important aspect of technical SEO is the functionality of your site. Is it as fast as it could be? What’s the link structure like? Is it three layers or shallower? Do you have an XML sitemap? Are your redirects properly used and implemented? How’s your onsite SEO? Title, heading tags, URLs, etc optimized?

The list goes on.

So what’s the value of Technical SEO?

It ensures search engines can crawl and index your content, and it creates the optimal user experience for various devices.

Content Marketing Value

It’s what gets the people going. The reason users visit your site is for information or entertainment. Whether it be dentistry or comedy, the text, video, images, etc is for the user. You’re offering a solution to a problem, answering questions, or providing entertainment.

The end goal is conversion from user to patient/customer/client. So, you cater your content to meet a specific need or desire.

But where do you place it?

On your website. And if your website is technically optimized, search engines will have an easier time finding, crawling, and indexing the information. Thus, your site appears in the SERPs as relevant for search queries.

So what’s the result? Traffic. From traffic you find your qualified users and work to convert them into patient, customers, or clients. The remainder are those that are still deciding if your product or service is worth purchasing.

So what’s the value of Content Marketing?

It garners trust and authority with the consumer. Consistency, accuracy, and accessibility are the driving forces in producing trust. It’s the why matters more than the what and how. Your content should satisfy the user in some way, shape, or form.

If you plan on going online with a website and content, make sure your site is technically on par or above standard expectations. Not only will this help search engines index your site, but it will help users find your content. The pair: technical seo and content marketing are now mandatory to succeed online. It isn’t a matter of which is better. It’s all about how you combine the two to create the best experience for users.

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