Should You Try Holiday Blogging?

In 2013 Marketing Sherpa found that over 53% of polled business reported blogging as their most effective SEO tool. You should never underestimate how much a regularly maintained blog can help boost your ranking. However, the first issue many people run into is a pretty obvious one: What do you write about? Well, first consider what is happening in the world. With the holidays approaching you have a wellspring of possible topics. You should try writing a few holiday-related posts.

Why Do I Need to Blog?

One thing that will never change about SEO: the need to maintain a good user experience. After all, Google’s updates are designed to improve a user’s experience. Which means search engines are designed to look for websites that not only fit a searcher’s query, but also contain relevant and original content. They also want a website that is routinely updated. A blog provides a means for you to regularly update your website with new material. You can also share this on social networks. An active social media presence is another factor Google focuses on.

How Do I Write Proper Blog Posts?

Now that you understand the importance, how do you write a successful one? We’ve discussed a few tips in the past, which include:

The last one is very important. Try to think about what questions come up with your clients. What do they ask about? Also, try to make your post relevant. With the holidays coming up, you can focus on issues related to your services and the holidays. You may attract more reads and your clients may be more likely to share these on their social networking pages.

What Should I Avoid?

You’ve chosen a great holiday-related topic, or any topic that you feel will be interesting to your readers. What are a few common mistakes to avoid? Here are just a few:

  • Overly long blog posts
  • Big blocks of text
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Too many links
  • Conversely, not enough links

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