Why Do You Need SEO? Pt. 2

Last week we took a look at five reasons your business can benefit from a solid search engine optimization strategy. This week we continue with five more reasons search engine optimization can help your business grow and attract new clients. Don’t repeat the mistakes of 2015, embrace SEO in 2016 and offer your potential customers and clients a better user experience.

More Reasons Your Business Needs SEO

  1. Improve conversion rates: With search engine optimization you attract the right leads, who then find a well-designed website with relevant and original content, leading a greater conversion rates. You can help your company grow and draw in the right clients/customers for your business.
  2. Boost visibility on multiple search engines: Your strategy doesn’t just help you with Google, you can also receive a boost with Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, or even social media sites like YouTube. All of these sites focus on websites that provide the best user experience, something search engine optimization can help.
  3. Improve your reputation: When you look for a dentist or other professional, you often look online. A website with a slick design and original content, an active blog, and a steady social networking presence can help you look professional and improve your reputation online. All of these also help improve SEO rankings.
  4. You can attract the appropriate leads: It’s not enough to blanket your town with billboards and business cards. You don’t want to attract anyone, you want to attract the right leads. You want people searching for the specific services and treatments you offer. To accomplish this, you should use SEO to focus on your specific services and organic keywords and other techniques.
  5. SEO is sticking around: This is a long term strategy, one that helps improve your gains over a period of weeks, months, and even years. With the rise of smartphones and the dependence on search engines, this online marketing strategy is not going anywhere.

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