What Updates Does Your Website Need?

Your website introduces potential clients to you and your business. With this in mind, you should be ready to update your website and your social media pages with information on any changes to your team or office. We urge you to talk to your SEO company or your practice’s webmaster. Let everyone know what is new at your office!

Any Changes in Your Staff?

When looking at your website people will often read your bios and any information on your team. Always keep these up to date! There are the obvious changes, such as new hires or employees that have left. But you should also include anything fun or new happening in your employee’s lives. Let these bio and team information pages accurately reflect your employees.

Office Updates?

Have you started offering new services or technology? Will you be providing a special discount on certain services or pushing cosmetic treatments before the holidays? If you have any updates then please add them to your website and share them on your Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or other social media pages. Other information you should remember to add to your site include:

  • Newer buildings or relocations
  • New certifications
  • Changes to services

What is Your Team Up To?

Let your patients and potential clients know what you’re up to. In addition to changes to services or staff, be sure to update for special events, such as:

  • Volunteer work
  • Office events
  • Exciting events happening in your patient’s lives

Not only do you keep us all updated, you also show your level of participation in your community. Whether these involve major changes to your office or just something fun your team is taking part in, let the world know. Remember, doing this also adds an SEO boost, as Google rewards websites that regularly update and maintain an active social media presence. For more information please con’t hesitate to contact our team today.

Are you an MDPM client? Then please let us know what’s happening in your office this holiday season! You can also update us on any changes to your office in 2016. Give us a call at: 972-782-8861 or send us an email: info@mdpmconsulting.com.