Month: October 2015

Technical SEO Tips: Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

As search engine algorithms move toward their main goal (to help users find relevant information to their queries), you must evolve your SEO strategy to ensure users can find the content you’re creating for them. In the past, search engines determined what results showed up in SERPs based on exact keyword matching. There was no middle… Read more »

What is your web page leading your visitors to do?

Your answer should be “call my dental office” or “request an appointment.” If not, your website design isn’t serving it’s purpose, and it’s likely you’re missing out on converting website visitors to potential patients. It’s common knowledge that web design in subjective. Everyone has different tastes and different ideas of what the “perfect” website should look… Read more »

Technical SEO Tips: Title and H1 Tags

Did you know the H1 Tag and the Title Tag are two different elements when it comes to HTML code? Not only are the tags expressed differently, but they also show up in different places on your website. For those looking to leverage their content, the technical aspects of SEO — like H1 Tags and… Read more »

Keyword targeting: Is it really necessary?

Last week, an article by Niel Patel — founder of KISSmetrics — about 6 aspects of SEO the busy entrepreneur can finally stop worrying about caught our eye. We’ve already talked about whether ranking #1 on Google is all it’s cracked up to be, but what about keyword targeting? Neil says… Stop worrying about keyword targeting. According… Read more »

Technical SEO Tips: Domain Names

If you’ve ever been curious about how domain names affect your website’s SEO, read on. Over time, the direct and indirect impacts of domain names on website rankings and signals have evolved. At one point, keyword specific domain names, such as “” would rank higher in search results for queries that included those three words: “mens,” “blue,”… Read more »