Google Has a New Logo, But What Else Has Changed?

If you’ve been online in the last few days, you’re probably aware that Google has changed its image – this time in the form of a brand new logo! Whether you love or hate Google’s fresh branding efforts, your most pressing worry might be what else Google has updated, and how it will affect your online marketing efforts.

Don’t panic; the truth is that Google has evolved its image several times since its creation over 17 years ago. The esthetic upgrades don’t usually indicate any major algorithm changes. Still, the face lift might make you wonder what you should do if and when Google does change its algorithms, and how to make sure your online presence keeps up.

The Evolution of Google

Last week, we discussed the most recent Panda update, and the fact that it marks the 27th Google algorithm update to occur. Essentially, Panda  and other algorithm updates are how Google constantly improves the quality of the results that appear when you enter a search query. As companies must adhere to Google’s SEO standards to remain competitive in search results, they are bound to create online material, websites, and informational sources that are relevant and impactful. Therefore, users waste less time sifting through useless search results.

When such an update occurs, however, Google announces the change (sometimes before and sometimes after) so webmasters can ensure that they and their clients are prepared.

Keep Up with an Ever-Changing Online World

Because Google and its search algorithms are constantly evolving, and because these cosmetic changes indicate that bigger things are happening behind closed doors at Google, it pays to have a dedicated team of professionals create and maintain your online presence. And that’s what we’re here for. Take it from us: the changes to Google’s logo appear to be strictly esthetic, but that doesn’t mean bigger updates won’t come along soon. As always, we’ll keep you posted!

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