What Can We Expect in 2016?

We’ve talked about the way SEO has changed in 2015, but with January around the corner, what can we expect in 2016? A lot of trends in 2015 will continue to grow in importance while factors we didn’t focus on, such as voice search, will have a new importance. It’s never too early to prepare for the next year!

Two Changes Coming to SEO in 2016

  1. Mobile Surpasses Desktop: The use of smartphones and other mobile devices have exploded in recent years. With 2016 we reach the point where for the first time people will use mobile devices to access the Internet more than desktop computers. Which means if you don’t have a website that functions on a phone or tablet you are doing a serious disservice to your company. Not only will potential patients stop looking at your site at first glance, but Google now takes responsive and mobile sites into account when ranking.
  2. Voice Search Becomes Popular: Just a few years ago voice search was a fantasy. Now, you have several options, Siri, Cortana, and even Google Now. As people become more familiar with these features the rate at which they employ voice search when looking for a restaurant or a service will increase. Now, more than ever, you need to focus on long tail keywords. These are typically in the form of a question “Where do I find a dentist in Dallas?” or “How does teeth whitening work?” This is also how most people search for something using voice programs. Your keywords, to be successful, must incorporate how, what, why, and where.

As you can see, the rise of the smartphones and tablets will completely change our approach to SEO. However, implementing a mobile site and altering your keyword strategy can bring your dental website into the New Year with a potential for higher traffic and improved page rankings. If you have any questions about creating a mobile-friendly site then please contact our team today.

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