The Importance of Understanding Analytics

Analytics can provide your practice with a ton of data. However, you need to know how to read that data in order to translate it into a growing business that attracts new patients. In order to improve your ROI, you need to understand what your analytic data is telling you.

Understand How to Read Social Media

Social media can provide great data for analytics, providing a look into what content attracts readers and draws in potential clients. However, you should be sure to focus on engagement, not likes or follows. Remember, building up thousands of follows looks good, but often a company can accomplish this by paying for them, filling their friend’s list or Twitter followers with thousands of blank accounts. You would be better off with a fraction of that number if they shared, commented, and better yet, scheduled a consultation.

Put a Plan in Place

You need a plan, otherwise you can become bogged down in data and have no real idea how to earn your ROI. Without understanding your ROI goals you won’t be able to know if your marketing strategy is actually working. To that end, you should employ predictive modeling, align your financial goals and marketing analytics, and use your social media accounts to measure client engagement. With this information you can have a better idea if you current SEO and marketing plan is helping you achieve a ROI.

Understand Your Data

You’ve employed your analytics and feel that your plan is working. Now what? Do you change your strategy to bring in greater traffic and create more leads? First, make sure you understand your data. Find out from your new patients what lead to your office. You can then better assess the success of your local pages and social media. Then, be willing to try new things. Discuss your ROI goals and plans with your team and look for possible suggestions. Together, you can decide if your current plan needs to remain in place or if you need to make changes. The analytics you have in place and the ability to properly read and understand the data means you can surmise whether these changes are helping and hurting.

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