7 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

In a previous blog, we looked at seven common blogging mistakes to avoid. This time, we’re focusing on common mistakes people make with their SEO strategy. Time and again businesses and practices continue to make the same errors believing they are boosting their rankings on a Google search results page, but then being confused when this never happens. By avoiding common mistakes you can improve your chances of driving traffic and creating potential leads.

Common SEO Mistakes

  1. Not Being Mobile Friendly: It’s 2015, there is no excuse not to have a mobile friendly website that can work across a variety of platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Many of us now primarily surf the web with a phone, not a computer, which means a non-mobile friendly site can drive away clients instead of attracting them.
  2. Not Focusing on Content: You have a dental website and it’s a beauty, but what about the words? Does the content and copy provide what your patients will need? After all, the content tells them about your office and provides relevant contact information.
  3. Leaning on Out-Dated SEO: Once again, content is king. Don’t bet everything on keywords and other outdated SEO tactics. You could actually end up hurting your rankings. Instead focus on quality, original content, a mobile friendly website, and long tail keywords.
  4. Repeating Content: You may be tempted to reuse old blogs, especially if you assume they were never read. However, this will hurt your SEO rankings. You need to continue to create new and original content to help your rankings. In this case, don’t recycle!
  5. “Borrowing” Content: We cannot stress this enough: Do not plagiarize. Do not borrow bits of copy from other websites. You need to create original content to help your website traffic grow.
  6. Operating a Complicated Website: How easy is your website to navigate? Can your current or potential patients easily find what they need? A clean and easy-to-navigate web design is vital.
  7. Not Remembering Your Audience: What do your patients want to know? What do they ask about? Think about that when figuring out what your website needs to cover or include. Know your audience!

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