How Long Should Blog Content Be?

You’re posting regularly, your blog contains images, videos, and fun formats, but no one is reading. What gives? Many people assume the best posts are the longest ones, after all, hasn’t research shown this to be true? However, new studies are showing that long blogs aren’t necessarily the key to improving traffic. So, how long should blog content be?

The More the Merrier?

Most experts will recommend your blog post run at least 1200 words and as high as 2000 words. With some fields, such as medical or engineering, longer posts are assumed to be more accurate, informative, and carefully written. However, this doesn’t mean that a large word count will appeal to your audience. In fact, some surprising lengths can actually hurt your blog’s traffic.

The Quartz Curve

Kevin Delaney recently unveiled what he refers to as the Quartz Curve. Basically, this shows that blogs over 1200 words and posts under 500 words tend to perform well. But those with a word count of between 500 and 800 words actually perform badly. So, the results seem to show you either publish longer, in depth posts or shorter, to the point ones. The middle ground will do nothing to increase your readership.

Focus on the Quality, Not the Length

Basically, it comes down to knowing your audience and what you’re writing about. For blogs that deal with subjects involving a lot of data, a well-informed audience, or employing storytelling, you should aim for the longer content. If your audience isn’t well versed in the subject and you aren’t employing a lot of data or you’re answering a specific question, then shorter may be the route to take. Many dental blogs focus on posts on the lower end of the word count spectrum, since they tend to address specific questions, (“How do I brighten my teeth?” “What causes a toothache?”) and aim at an audience that may not be very familiar with dentistry.

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