What are the Major SEO Trends of 2015?

We still have several months left in 2015. In the past few months, Google has updated algorithms and changed many of the factors they take into account when ranking websites. What have been the major SEO trends of 2015? What steps can your dental website take to improve your search engine optimization ranking?

Top SEO Trends of 2015

  1. Importance of Mobile SEO Rises: More than ever we depend on our smartphones when surfing the web. This trend will only grow and as a result you need to have a responsive and mobile friendly website.
  2. Google Focuses on Semantics: Sometimes when we search our queries aren’t exact. To counter this, Google has algorithms that look at the context of your search query and common synonymous to make your results more accurate to what Google thinks you’re really looking for. As a result, keywords are no longer the main focus.
  3. Links Will Focus More on Brand: The number of links is no longer as important as the accuracy of the links. Instead of trying to hit a specific number of links, just use three to five, linked to specific keywords. If you mention dental crowns on your teeth grinding blog or page, link to your dental crown page. Doing so can be much more helpful to your overall SEO strategy.
  4. Video Becomes Important: Studies and surveys show that people tend to spend more time on websites with videos integrated into the content. As a result, Google’s algorithms will not be focused solely on text, but will look for images and video content as well. To help your online marketing strategy, integrate videos into your website.
  5. ROI Metrics Become a Major Focus: If people are only visiting your page but not following up for appointments, then you need to alter your strategy. Many companies are now focusing more on their ROI to make sure their strategy is successful. Finding out if the people visiting your dental website and dental blog are sticking around or contacting you can let you know if your current strategy is really helping your business grow. 

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