Better User Experience Can Improve SEO

As Google continues to update their algorithms, we must also continue to update our approach to SEO. Search engine optimization no longer consists of only keywords and links. Now, you must take customer and user experience into account when designing a dental website or blog. Otherwise, you don’t climb the rankings of a Google search results page and potential patients may turned off by your unresponsive website.

Changes in the World of SEO

Google takes a lot into consideration when ranking websites. For one, is the site responsive? Will it change to fit my computer, smartphone, or tablet? Many people search online via smartphone or tablet. An unresponsive site is hard to navigate and most people will click away within seconds. Google also takes into account whether you include original content, images or videos, or long tail keywords (typically in the form of a question, such as “where is…?” or “how do I find…?”). By tailoring your site to this, you not only boost your SEO rating, but also improve customer and user experience.

Customer vs. User Experience

What’s the difference between customer experience and user experience? Customer experience refers to the site’s ability to draw in new patients and provide the information they need to contact you or take advantage of your services. User experience refers to people who regularly visit your site. Once again, you need to make sure your dental website provides the information they need and can be easily navigated on a computer or smartphone.

Improving Your SEO Rating

Do you want to improve your rating? Then make sure you provide a quality product to your potential patients, such as:

  • A responsive website
  • Original, engaging content
  • Long tail keyword placement
  • Links between your blog and other pages within your site

By doing this, you increase your chances of attracting new leads and maintaining a professional appearance, something vital to any dentist’s online marketing strategy.

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