SEO is Dead, Long Live SEO

Over the past several years search engine optimization has changed dramatically. Some people have even said traditional SEO is dead, since the reliance on simple keywords and links isn’t as important as in years prior. However, search engine optimization is alive and well. Now, instead of shoehorning keywords into your text your website should focus on quality content.

How has Search Engine Optimization Changed?

The Google updates their algorithms the goal is to improve the quality of search results. Many of the changes have occurred as a result of the emergence of the smartphone. Most of us now us one regularly and conduct most of our searches with it. Instead of searching with simply keywords, such as “New York dentist” we use long tail keywords, such as “Where do I find a dentist in New York?” In addition, we want to view websites that look good and are easy to navigate on a smartphone, meaning greater focus is being placed on mobile-friendly sites.

Focus on Content

In order for Google to ensure we receive the best results they are moving away from dependence on keywords and links and towards content. Is the copy original and well written? Are there reviews available? Is the website mobile friendly? Your online marketing strategy should focus on providing potential clients with a quality website and blog. Doing this can help your practice move up on a Google search results page.

Reach Your Clientele

Now that SEO is focused more on the content of your website as opposed to keyword and link placement, how do you alter your strategy? How do you reach your clientele? First, make sure your website contains original copy. Then, have current patients leave reviews on social media sites and sites like Yelp. You should share your content, such as original blog posts and new pages to your website. Finally, make sure you have a responsive website that can viewed and navigated on a smart phone or a tablet.

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