Why Do I Need Testimonials or Reviews?

Do you have a place on your dental website for potential patients to read testimonials? Do you encourage satisfied patients to leave reviews? If not, you could be ignoring a key component of your online reputation management. Good reviews can help potential clients choose your practice and even provide an SEO boost, improving your ranking on Google search engine results pages.

What Does a Review Say?

If you want to know whether a business is worthwhile or which dental practice is best for your family, you look at reviews. After all, a place with overwhelmingly negative reviews, or none at all, is substantially less attractive then a business with overwhelmingly positive ones. Having customers or patients tell others about the benefits of your practice can potentially help your practice grow.

Boosting SEO Rankings

How does a review or testimonial improve your SEO ranking? One, it provides fresh content and links back to your website. Fresh content is a crucial part of any online marketing strategy. The testimonials may also include common long tail keywords that come up organically in the patient’s review. You may also consider reading the reviews and looking at possible long tail keywords that frequently come up and integrating them into your online marketing strategy.

How Do I Gather Reviews?

How do you obtain them? First, talk to your patients. Your office staff can simply ask them to email a review or to fill out a card. Many patients who receive quality service will be glad to spread the word. You should also have accounts on Yelp and commons social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. There, you can post and share patient stories. We also advise people to have a place on their website for posting first hand customer accounts. Soon, you can amass enough to patient testimonials to provide a positive boost to your SEO strategy. If you have any questions, remember to contact your tea at MDPM today.

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