What is the Perfect Blog Post Length for Dentists?

Across the internet you will find thousands of articles stating they’ve discovered the perfect blog post length. Many of them show their collected data as support, which is great. They even speculate on where content should go when it comes to attracting a consistent, returning audience.

However, each industry, each target audience, and each user is different. So how can they know the perfect length in an entirely different industry and target audience?

The simple answer. They don’t.

When it comes down to the perfect blog post length, the audience, the industry, and the marketing goal will lead the charge. The research will either support the previous effort, or it won’t. Beyond this cyclical process, understand that what others share as the answer to the content length question is simply their perspective and data in their given industry.

Understand the user

Mobilegeddon occurred in response to the user surfing the internet on their phones. It was an effort to offer the optimal experience while using a mobile device. Leaders in the SEO industry speculate that this mobile search is only going to increase over time. This constant growth in mobile use should be a factor when deciding content length.

A device is named after what it supports. Hence the reason Google rolled out Mobilegeddon, to accommodate the influx in search on mobile devices.

Attention Span?

A thick blanket of conversation on the user attention span topic has flooded the internet, factoring into the length of content and what seems to be the perfect solution to the every distracted user. The short of the matter is this: the user will tell you what they want to find, you just have to listen.

At MDPM, we write blog posts that range anywhere from 350-500 words. The reason we write in the medium range is to answer a specific questions or provide a resolution the user’s problem or situation. We’ve also discovered that anything on dentistry that stretches longer than around 500 words yields lower engagement, according to our data.

Comparing engagement with a piece of content to how users view it (mobile vs desktop, primarily), the medium range hits the sweet spot for our client’s quality lead generation per their website and blog.

Users who are looking for answers or solutions to dentistry related inquiries aren’t looking for a 2,000+ word dissertation on enamel and tooth structure. They simply want to know: why does my tooth hurt? Why are my gums bleeding? My filling fell out, now what?

The goal is to answer a question or provide the user with a resolution to their problem or situation. MDPM’s collective data shows that the medium length blog post is the sweet spot for the user’s in the dental industry we attract for our clients. We provide our clients consistent traffic and growth over time, and it feeds their patient flow goals each month.

If you’re providing the user with an answer or value to their research, the blog post can be 100 words or 2,000 words. As long as you pay attention, your target users can find answers on your website.

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