The 10 Most Common Content Marketing/SEO Mistakes: Over Optimization

A few weeks ago, Sara and Gery attended the Dallas/Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association’s June meeting, which featured content marketing guru Arnie Kuenn of Vertical Measures. Over the next several months, we’ll be exploring some of the subject matter discussed during this presentation, including the 10 most common content marketing and SEO mistakes. Among these mistakes is over-optimizing your targeted SEO keywords/phrases – a mistake that negatively impacts the quality of your content, and — therefore — your SEO rankings.

It’s common knowledge that the name of today’s marketing game is SEO (or search engine optimization) so the term “over optimizing” might come as a surprise. Let’s break it down. By definition, “to optimize” means to make the most effective use of your resources. When it comes to SEO, your content is one of the most important of those resources. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most-often undervalued resources.

During Kuenn’s presentation, we learned more about expressing the need for high-quality, properly-optimized online content, including many of the common mistakes that might be holding back your search marketing efforts. Among those mistakes is over-optimizing your targeted SEO keywords/phrases – a mistake that negatively impacts the quality of your content, and therefore your SEO rankings.

How to Make Content Count for Your SEO

When you think of online content, at least for marketing purposes, your first thought may be of your website. While your website is the hub of your online presence, it does not, of itself, create that presence. Also, since the content on your website is static (does not change), it cannot keep you relevant in online searches. Publishing blog posts is one of the more effective means of maintaining that relevance, since it provides a steady stream of fresh, original, optimized content.

Optimizing Instead of Overloading

Still, simply publishing content that contains a bunch of targeted keywords is not the way to optimize your content. Also, choosing articles and publications that are already online means your content will not be original, and therefore, not beneficial. Quality content means that what you publish not only revolves around the service/product you provide, but also includes true, original, relevant information that benefits the searcher. Instead of aiming for popular content, or highly (meaning overly) optimized content, the true benefit lies in actually making the most of what you publish.

What’s the Best Way to Optimize Your Content?

In many respects, creating properly optimized, and truly beneficial, SEO content takes some time, and a bit of skill. At MDPM Consulting, our impressive team of writers is dedicated to consistently creating content that is not only SEO relevant, but informative and professional enough to represent you and your practice/business.

Not sure where to start with your content marketing? Want to learn more about how the expert team at MDPM Consulting can give you the advantage you need to stay ahead in the SERPS? Stay tuned for more on the value of content-based search marketing, and send us an email or give us a call at (972) 781-8861. We look forward to hearing from you!