Improve SEO by Optimizing Local Search

If you need to find a restaurant or business then odds are you search online for something local. Our smartphones make finding businesses and even dental practices near our location a snap. Which means as a practice owner, you need your business to show up when someone searches for a dentist in his/her city. In order to improve your SEO you need to optimize your local search capabilities.

Create a Quality Website

A well written website with a solid design and mobile option is crucial for attracting new business. First, people will often look at your website when deciding whether to come to your practice. In addition, Google may actually take information from your website and use it to fill out any missing information on your local listing page. As a result, your website needs include solid copy and correct keyword usage, especially on the About Us page and the homepage. You could also benefit from a map on your Contact Us page.

Use Proper Keywords and Links

In addition to phone numbers and addresses, you should include keywords related to your location. When looking for a dentist, most people will look for a dentist in their city during a Google search. Optimizing your keywords for your local city can be a major boost to your SEO ranking and ensure you’re found on a local listing. 

Post Practice Reviews

Reviews are crucial for your Google local listing and your overall SEO ranking. Encourage your patients to leave reviews on your Google+ pages, Yelp, or other social media pages. Positive reviews can make a huge difference in a person’s decision, especially when looking for a dental care provider. 

Provide Key Information

Your local listing should contain all relevant contact information, including your phone number, address, and website. Be sure to fill out your local listing information in full. Otherwise, your potential patient may not have the information they need and will opt for another practice who took the time to complete their local listing in full.

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