Are You Ready for Longer Search Queries?

How do you search for something online? A few years ago, you probably used a very sparse search phrase, typing in “Chinese restaurant” or “Ancient Egypt” and looking through the results. However, now people prefer longer search queries, typing in “Where do I find a Chinese restaurant in Addison?” or “How were the pyramids made?” What changed? Why do people prefer questions to keywords? How do you make sure your website is prepared for longer search queries? 

Why are People Using Longer Search Queries?

What made people change they way they search for businesses on the Internet in such a shirt amount of time? There are two main factors behind this move:

  • Information Glut: The Internet is awash in information. Typing in a general term will bring you millions of results, in order to focus on what you need to know you must be more specific. If you want a dentist, you can find one in any corner of the world, as well as information on how to become one, prominent dental organizations, and more. So, you need to search for one in your city or even your neighborhood within your city, to find what you need.
  • The Smart Phone: The majority of us now browse the web on our phone or a tablet. When searching on a smart phone, many people choose to ask a question. “Where is…”, “How do I find…”, and “What is…” are how many searches now begin.

Changing Your Keyword Strategies

Instead of choosing one or two keywords and adding them to your website copy, a successful marketing and SEO strategy must know incorporate long tail keywords. You focus on incorporating phrases or questions people may ask, instead of individual keywords. “How do fillings work?”, “What causes a toothache?” and “When do I need a dentist?” are far more successful then “Fillings”, “Toothaches” and “Dentist”. You should also incorporate long tail keywords that contain your specific city. Local searches are the most common way people find a business or service in their area.

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