Meet the MDPM Team: Jeffrey Holmes, Web Developer

One of our goals in 2015 is to help our clients put a face with their contact here at MDPM Consulting. We’re always here to answer your questions, give you an update on your SEO and web marketing progress, brainstorm about your next move, or chat about what’s going on with you and your team at your practice, but there’s a buzzword floating around regarding the trend in online marketing: transparency. So, we’re making it a priority to introduce the faces behind MDPM and give an inside look at just what it is we do every day to serve our clients.

Today, we’re proud to introduce Jeffrey Holmes, who is the lead web developer at MDPM Consulting.

Cutting-edge websites for your dental practice or business

Jeffrey joined the MDPM team in college. After leaving his job at Subway, he started part time at MDPM doing technical support for our clients and recently went full time and has quickly become our lead web developer.

Jeffrey has a big job at MDPM. He’s the one responsible for building your website — whether it’s a rebuild, a redesign, or a new site. In a nutshell, Jeffrey takes the visual aspects of your website that our design department creates and makes them fully functional, while also adhering to current SEO (search engine optimization) and UX (user experience) standards and best practices. To say he’s the ginger wizard of your dental website (his words, although we’ve all joined in the fun) is pretty spot on.

Like most web developers — or techies, as we lovingly refer to the technical team in our office — Jeffrey is self taught. Other than a few CS classes in high school and college, Jeffrey has taught himself how to code and how to code well. In fact, Jeffrey’s favorite part of the job is learning. He loves the languages and skills he picks up on a daily basis, and enjoys the challenge of figuring out better ways to get where he needs to be in his code.

As a testament to this, Jeffrey is a regular at WordCamp Austin, and he’ll be attending a Node.JS conference next week. We’re big advocates of continuing education here at MDPM. Why? Because we feel it helps our employees reach their full potential while helping our clients reach their full marketing potential. It’s a win-win, and Jeffrey always jumps at the opportunity to learn and expand his own skills, as well as to share this knowledge with others. In fact, Jeffrey has taken it upon himself to train our technical support intern, Tyler (stay tuned for Tyler’s bio in the coming weeks)!

Along with Technical Director Chris Pearson, Jeffrey has been invited to be a judge at the upcoming Regional Technology Student Association Competition at Byron Nelson High School, which is his alma mater. We’re proud that MDPM will be represented as part of this great cause, and we’re looking forward to having Jeffrey and Chris share their experiences!

Other than his impressive coding/building skills, Jeffrey is known for a few things around the office: his affinity for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (if you can find the dark chocolate ones, even better), his ability to accurately estimate how much caffeine is in something (or know where to find it online), and his love of macaroni and cheese/fettucini alfredo. He’s also currently hooked on the video game Dark Souls, which he spends his nights and weekends playing and his days talking about with the other techies.

Want to know more about Jeffrey and what he does for MDPM Consulting clients? Read his full bio here!

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