Two Keyword Myths Debunked

Keyword Myth #1: Optimal keyword density is a specific number.

Reality: There’s no such number; keyword density is mostly subjective.

Keywords are the hallmark of on-page search engine optimization, and they’re also one of its most commonly misunderstood elements. For starters, there is no truth to the notion that inserting your focus keyword into content x number of times has any bearing on ranking. Zero is arguably the only number of keyword mentions that could work against your webpage.

At the very least, your dental keyword or phrase should appear within the headline, URL, and main text. Including it in the headline isn’t necessarily for the benefit of search engines; rather, it makes it easier for your visitors to locate information. A keyword that features prominently in a headline leaves no question about the content of the text that follows.

That said, the ideal keyword density is subjective to your content. Repeating a key word or phrase several times within a 250-word chunk of text makes for awkward reading, which has a negative impact on user experience. Spread out over a 1,000-word webpage, however, the same number of repetitions flows naturally rather than seeming intrusive. (If you haven’t already noticed, the idea of quality over quantity is a recurring theme in SEO strategy).

Keyword Myth #2: Keywords must match a user’s query exactly.

Reality: Verbatim keywords can make for awkward reading.

Then there’s the rumor that keywords must perfectly match a user’s search query to appear in the results. Wrong! As with finding the optimal keyword density, the objective here is to incorporate keywords and keyword phrases into your content in a way that reads naturally.

You see, there’s something of a double standard at play here. Grammar and eloquence aren’t foremost in the average Web user’s mind, at least not when performing Web searches. Your keyword research will most likely turn up queries like teeth whitening Dallas, root canal dentist LA, or 76092 cosmetic dentist. Once someone arrives at your page, however, he doesn’t want to see sentence fragments or disjointed phrases:

Awkward headline: Dr. Dentist on Teeth Whitening Dallas Benefits

Better: Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Dallas

Awkward sentence: Call your root canal dentist LA at (888) 888-8888 for more information.

Better: For more information about root canals, call your LA dentist at (888) 888-8888.

As far as keyword matching goes, synonyms can be your best friend. Get creative with your keyword phrases to avoid sounding repetitious. Let’s say you’re discussing teeth whitening. Examples of good variants would include: whitening your teeth, teeth bleaching, tooth whitening, get whiter teeth, and so on.

Now, let’s see if there’s any truth to the statement that you can never have too much content…

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