Go Meta or Go Home

Myth: Meta descriptions can make or break your ranking.

Reality: They don’t affect ranking, but meta descriptions are still important in SEO.

We use meta descriptions to briefly describe what search engine crawlers (and prospective patients) can expect to find on our website. To see an example of a meta tag in action, search “MDPM rocks” and look at the first result, which links to our blog. Beneath the title is a short summary or snippet of the main topic of the post. This is the meta description, and it helps users determine whether clicking the link will be worth their while.

The Makings of a Great Meta Description

Your meta description may not improve your search ranking, but it’s valuable real estate nonetheless. If your webpage doesn’t rank near the top of the first results page, a great description may be just what you need to catch the user’s eye. This is especially true for highly competitive keywords: teeth whitening in NYC, Dallas dentist, e.g.

A few guidelines for getting the most from your meta:

  • Include the most relevant keyword or phrase, which will be bolded if it matches the user’s search terms.
  • Use words that compel the user to take action and click your link. A good call to action begins with Learn, Call, Visit, or similar action words.
  • Use 1-2 sentences that briefly describe the content users will find on that specific page.
  • Create a unique meta description for each page on your website.

Myth: A good H1 tag can increase your ranking dramatically.

Reality: Your title tags should speak to users, not to search engines.

A well-written title tag certainly can’t hurt your search ranking, but it isn’t as influential as it was in the past. Today it’s more a matter of style, a tool to make the most important content visible to users at a glance. Tag or no tag, it’s still a good idea to feature your best dental content near the top of your webpage. Use H1 for the title, and break up large chunks of text using descriptive H2 tags.

Moving on, we’ll determine whether there’s any truth to the statement that SEO and social media have no bearing on each other.

As always, we encourage you to call or text MDPM Consulting at 972 – 781 – 8861 with your dental SEO questions, or email us at info@moderndentalmarketing.com