Month: September 2014

Black Hat SEO, a Victimless Crime?

Myth: Black hat, white hat—search engines don’t care. Reality: Search engines are becoming better than ever about identifying sites that employ black hat SEO tactics. Search engine optimization started out as something of a numbers game, making it easy for spammers to play the system. This is no longer the case. Google, Bing, and other… Read more »

Understanding Local SEO

Local SEO is especially important for dentists, so we’ll address a number of myths surrounding best practices: Myth: The best way to succeed with local SEO is to claim your practice’s Google listing. Reality: Claiming your listing is just one of several important steps in mastering local SEO. By now you’ve undoubtedly learned to question… Read more »

More Pages = More Love

Myth: The more webpages per site, the better. Reality: It’s what’s on your pages that counts. As far as the Internet is concerned, the objective is always more, more, more: more Facebook friends, more re-tweets, more comments, more posts. Maybe that’s why so many of our clients are surprised to learn that the “more is… Read more »

No Such Thing as Too Much Content

Myth: More content is always better, especially on your homepage. Reality: It’s possible to have too much of a good thing—content included. Yet again, a question of quantity vs. quality in dental SEO. As with links and keyword frequency, the emphasis should be on relevance and usefulness rather than bulk. Think of your website homepage… Read more »

Two Keyword Myths Debunked

Keyword Myth #1: Optimal keyword density is a specific number. Reality: There’s no such number; keyword density is mostly subjective. Keywords are the hallmark of on-page search engine optimization, and they’re also one of its most commonly misunderstood elements. For starters, there is no truth to the notion that inserting your focus keyword into content… Read more »

Off-Page, Out of Mind

Myth: Off-page SEO tactics are optional for success. Reality: Ignore off-page SEO, and search engines will ignore you. We think of our dental website as our own little corner of the Web, a space where we have control over every aspect of its appearance and function. Its color scheme, text, and other visual elements make… Read more »

Social Media vs. SEO

Myth: Social media and search engine optimization don’t play well with each other. Reality: The whole is greater than the sum of their parts. Believe it or not, there was a time when word of mouth—in the most literal sense of the expression–was the best way to generate referrals from patients. Co-workers, family members, and… Read more »

Go Meta or Go Home

Myth: Meta descriptions can make or break your ranking. Reality: They don’t affect ranking, but meta descriptions are still important in SEO. We use meta descriptions to briefly describe what search engine crawlers (and prospective patients) can expect to find on our website. To see an example of a meta tag in action, search “MDPM… Read more »

Content vs. Links: Going All or Nothing for SEO

Myth: Focus on building links or creating content, but not both. Reality: A well-rounded SEO strategy includes both tactics. Which would your patients prefer: Having just two healthy teeth, or having several unhealthy teeth? (Don’t answer that). Your patients are all different, so there’s no right answer. Search engines, on the other hand, are mostly… Read more »

It’s All About the #1 Spot…or Not?

Everyone wants to be first in line. Being first is exciting; it conveys importance. It’s the key to quadrupling your conversion, conveying authority, and making yourself known. Right? Not quite. It’s true that the goal of SEO has traditionally been to score a top spot on search engine optimization results pages, but ranking is no… Read more »