Blogging, Black Hats, and Brilliant Dental Marketing

When you think about it, dentistry and marketing have a good deal in common. Maybe this explains why the MDPM Consulting team identifies so strongly with our clients’ desire to provide effective, useful services to their patients. You want your patients’ smiles to look good, and we want.

Take the Money and Run…or Not

Your commitment to patients’ health doesn’t end when you collect a copay. We take a similar approach to client care; whether you’ve paid in full has no bearing on the level of service you receive. You’ll always have access to your blog and website, but we’ll do the heavy lifting. We find that shared access facilitates two-way communication, allowing us to make improvements and address your concerns in real time. 

We’re an Open Book

There’s a right way and a wrong way to improve search rankings. The right way means keeping abreast of changes in search algorithms, performing keyword analysis, and optimizing for local and mobile search—no secrets there. The wrong way involves the use of black hat tactics, which calls to mind an interesting analogy. It’s always gratifying to see a magician pull a rabbit from his (black) hat, just as it’s frustrating to be told that a magician never reveals his secrets. Why doesn’t he reveal his secrets? Because he knows that with the right tools and knowledge, anyone can do it. 

So he relies on trickery to produce instant gratification, just like some SEO “experts” cut corners and use aggressive techniques (keyword stuffing, invisible text, doorway pages) to generate short-term improvements in search rankings. What they don’t tell you is that search engines penalize websites that use black hat tactics. This lack of transparency has no place in SEO or online dental marketing. We prefer to pull back the curtain and let you see the how and why of our SEO strategy and how it fits in with your online marketing as a whole. We find that this approach allows clients to make informed decisions that maximize their returns.

Out of SERPs, Out of Mind

Search engines work hard to deliver the most relevant results, and they expect you to work hard, too. One blog post per month, no matter how interesting or well-researched, holds little appeal for the Google gods. And while that single post may contain exactly what your target audience wants to read, what good is it if they can’t find it using a search engine? 

The ideal blogging strategy blends consistency with content—frequent posts that include relevant keywords and useful information. Frequent posting also allows you to boost SERP rankings for multiple services or specialties. Our content managers and writers use an editorial calendar that outlines the specific keywords and topics selected by the client and our SEO diagnostician. 

Questions about our SEO services for dentists?

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