Your SEO Magician

If you’ve never been to a magic show, you should attend one soon. SEO isn’t some mystical entity, as most companies would like you to believe, but it is a continuous stream of changes, updates, and research. The smoke and mirrors, rabbit in the hat, or human locked in a box then cut in half are all illusions. The performance is based on suggestive direction, redirecting your attention towards the great unknown while the magician works in the known to tease your mind and tantalize your thoughts. Fortunately, Search Engine Optimization is for anyone looking to make a mark on Google’s SERPs (search engine result page), and you should know how it works to make the best investment possible.

Double Check Your Top Hat Lining

Could you pull a rabbit out of your hat? Maybe not. Do you know what it takes to positively benefit your SEO? Yes, you should know. The great unknown known as Search Engine Optimization is accessible to anyone willing to dig far enough to discover the truth. Although Google doesn’t publicly display its most recent algorithm, basic web page optimization can benefit your ranking on SERPs.

Search engines, including Google, index sites for keywords in various areas of a page: URL, Titles, Alt Tags, Image Titles, Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3, etc), Content, and Anchor Text (internal links). Similar to magic shows, the moment you step backstage, altering your angle on the performance, most illusions become clear and obvious.

Your web page should have the following technical qualities to ensure positive SEO: Flawless Navigation, XML Sitemap, Ordered Code, Correct 301, 302, and 404 pages, A Responsive Design. A professional, succinct magician can capture any crowd on any stage, while those that are considered amateurs require a less knowledgeable audience. However, SEO isn’t something to be hidden; it’s an evolving system based on the User Experience (UX) and quality content.

The idea of quality content may bemuse some people because a mass variety of content exists on the internet. So how does Google determine quality? Content that is original, engaging, and free of grammatical errors tends to rank high with Google. The following optimization practices have been shown to rank high with Google: Full Content, Grammar/Spelling, Non-duplicate Content, No Keyword Stuffing.

Only so many tricks can be performed due to the human anatomy, audience knowledge, and resources at hand. Nonetheless, one doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to get noticed. A web page that is clean, concise, engaging, and provides the User with a reason to stay on the site longer than a quick click through ranks high with Google. Of course, there are more don’ts than dos when it comes to original content.

Your SEO Experts: MDPM Consulting

MDPM Consulting prides itself on providing its clients with transparent SEO, Web Design, and Customer Service. Nothing is hidden, and nothing is withheld. The sales, design, and technical teams all have one goal in mind: Result Driven Client Satisfaction. Offering three different SEO packages alongside website design and boutique-like customer service allows for the company and the client to work as a team. On one side, the client is satisfying their influx of customer reception while MDPM continues to keep the client’s internal marketing investment alive and well according to Google’s ongoing updates and changes. Visit MDPM Consulting for more information.

About Chris Pearson

Chris Pearson is the Technical Director at MDPM Consulting. He transitioned into the position from being a writer for the company and enjoys every minute of it. During his free time, he delves into stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar A. Poe, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Micheal Crichton, and Stieg Larsson. He is also an avid short prose and poetry writer.