Powerful Website Design: Capturing Your Clients’ Attention (Part 2)

You have become well aware that a powerfully designed website is an extremely significant tool for your dental practice. The need to quickly capture your clients’ attention as a means of keeping them on your website, and ensuring they make an appointment with your office, makes sense. However, because you are the dentist and not the copywriter or web designer, you may feel hesitant about how exactly MDPM will magically know how to create a beautiful, functional website that communicates your personality and your goals.

You will find throughout the process of creating your website that there’s not a lot of magic involved, just a lot of creativity and even more experience. We will get to you know you and offer you a variety of tools that will give us a clear vision of just what you are hoping to accomplish.

Expressing Yourself Visually

Your website needs a color palette. We need to organize the page in such a way that it becomes accessible. Essentially, our team needs to design a system of visual, responsive pages that translate into a visual expression of your practice, while ensuring it makes a presence on Google. Our creative team eats, breathes, and lives this way of thinking. However, if you have never done your own web design, chances are, you are not quite sure how to respond to questions like, “So what color best defines your practice?”

We look forward to speaking with you, both to answer any questions you may have, and to ask some of our own. First, you will start by gathering colors that you’re drawn to on instinct. Perhaps you have a wall in your home painted in a color you love. Maybe you chose a particular color palette for your practice. We may even suggest you collect some images from magazines or websites that you find appealing, to gain a better sense of your color and design preferences. Remember, we are here to work with you, so you love the finished product.

Saying YES to Branding

You may find it simpler to avoid creating a logo. The idea of choosing simple, straightforward designs for advertising and marketing products, such as business cards, may sound like the cleanest, easiest way to practice business. However, with everyone’s noses directed at their screens, from mobile devices to personal computers, setting yourself apart has never been more important. Conceptualizing an image that people recognize, and that sets you apart from every other practice, will ensure clients remember you – and your name and practice will become easily recognizable when friends and family members of your clients perform a quick online search so they, too, can schedule an appointment.

Answering Your Clients’ Questions

Remember, your website needs to answer your clients’ questions. People often feel compelled to pick up the phone to schedule an appointment. However, if your site does not address their main concerns, they are more likely to search for another dental practice with a website that does provide a comprehensive offering of answers. How do you do this? Take into careful consideration the main questions clients ask when they view your web pages. Some of those questions include the following:

  1. What is your location?
  2. Do you have a friendly team?
  3. Do you accept child patients?
  4. What makes you unique?
  5. Will you offer me one-on-one attention?

For a complete listing of questions to consider, and commentary regarding each question, read over this blog from the past: 25 Questions A Dentist’s Website Must Answer.


About Jill Nastasia: Jill is CEO and director of business development at MDPM Consulting, a marketing firm catering to the unique needs of dentists. To learn more about web design, blogging, and SEO for dentists, email info@moderndentalmarketing.com or contact us at 972-781-8861.