Month: August 2014

Blogging, Black Hats, and Brilliant Dental Marketing

When you think about it, dentistry and marketing have a good deal in common. Maybe this explains why the MDPM Consulting team identifies so strongly with our clients’ desire to provide effective, useful services to their patients. You want your patients’ smiles to look good, and we want.

Copywriter Magic: Turning Your Practice Into Words

When you recognize the great benefits of saying, “yes” to adding a responsive website to your business, you may find that a variety of questions instantly pop up in your mind. In addition to asking us design- and tech-related questions at MDPM, some of the most frequently asked questions by dentists focus on the written content. Much like… Read more »

Five Benefits of Choosing Dental Marketing Services

Sure, you can quickly perform an online search for website templates and create a basic site for your dental business (but it will likely not show up on the first or second page of a Google search). Or, you may already have a site you created in your company’s infancy if you have been in… Read more »

What’s Blog Got To Do With It?

You have made the wise decision to incorporate a responsive website as a part of your marketing strategy to grow and maintain your dental business. Marketing yourself online makes sense, right? You offer new and existing clients immediate access to information, answering their most pressing questions. So, what’s a blog got to do with improving… Read more »

Your SEO Magician

If you’ve never been to a magic show, you should attend one soon. SEO isn’t some mystical entity, as most companies would like you to believe, but it is a continuous stream of changes, updates, and research. The smoke and mirrors, rabbit in the hat, or human locked in a box then cut in half… Read more »

Powerful Website Design: Capturing Your Clients’ Attention (Part 2)

You have become well aware that a powerfully designed website is an extremely significant tool for your dental practice. The need to quickly capture your clients’ attention as a means of keeping them on your website, and ensuring they make an appointment with your office, makes sense. However, because you are the dentist and not the… Read more »