Yes, MDPM Designs Responsive Dental Websites with SEO

When Jill and I started MDPM Consulting, we began as a blog writing company. We offered custom-written blogs for dentists. Early in our history, blog clients began asking us for websites. At that time, there was no such thing as a responsive website, and content management systems (like WordPress) were evolving.

We hired a designer and developer, and we set out to provide our client dentists with what they wanted – custom-built websites with original copywriting, plus blogs. Since then, MDPM has expanded significantly. We now employee a core staff of graphic designers, developers, SEO technicians, copywriters, and support for each of these departments.

Jill and I remain hands-on with our clients, and we consider one-on-one care an integral part of our service and company. We provide everyone we serve with our cell phone numbers, in case they require after-hours attention. With this personal approach to business, we have continued to listen to our clients, and Google, so we can provide practical, effective Internet marketing products.

Today, our premier product is a custom, responsive website, built on a WordPress content management system (CMS), complete with an SEO strategy built around research for each client’s target keywords.

The Best Dental Websites

Anyone can claim to be the best (though the ADA frowns upon dentists who make statements of superiority in marketing). A search for “best of” anything turns up many results on Google, and “best of” is the beginning of many coveted keyword phrases. The real test for the best is based on quality, success, and customer experience. So, let me tell you what makes MDPM Consulting the best dental website firm in the country, perhaps the planet.

  1. Quality: We are the only SEO company in the dental industry that hand-pulls SEO reports, trains and edits our dental copywriters, and provides our clients with phone numbers to call after hours.  In addition, we send our team to annual coding seminars to learn about the latest and greatest trends in web design and development. Our CEO and COO write industry-specific blogs with important marketing advice and provide complimentary telephone consultations to new and existing clients. Also, with our three packages, we offer Facebook and Google+ banners, management, and updates as needed.
  2. Success: In just four years, MDPM Consulting has grown to become a leader in the dental marketing field. We serve clients across the US and Canada, and we also provide copywriting services to international clients, as well as other website companies. Our boutique firm serves over 100 clients, and we write more than 1000 blogs, webpages, and articles every single month. We do all of this without losing that personal touch that’s so very important to our client dentists.
  3. Testimonials: Here are words from a few of our clients…

“They are always evaluating and making changes to my site to keep me as the number one dentist to come up on search engines for my immediate area and I’m very high on search engines for most of the surrounding communities. “ – Brad Greenfield, DDS of Lake Orion, MI
“I appreciate the proactive nature that you guys have.  A first in my internet promotion experience…” – Greg Wright, DDS of Southlake, TX

“…for the first time in 3 years we are at the first page when we google Fort Worth Braces. Great Job!!!! Thank you again.” – Dr. Ciro Cabal, Lake Country Orthodontics of Ft. Worth

To read more testimonials, learn about the full range of products MDPM offers, or to request a website evaluation and consultation, visit today.

About the Author:  Jill is a mother of two teens and avid teeth brusher. She also loves writing, which is the path that led her into the dental industry. Today, Jill is chief operations officer at MDPM Consulting, overseeing research and development, SEO, web design and development, and copywriting. You can reach Jill and the MDPM team by calling 972-781-8861 or by emailing