How to Win Traffic and Influence Rankings

Writing for Internet marketing requires addressing two audiences, the target consumer and search indexing spiders. Google’s recommendations repeatedly encourage copywriters to write for the consumer, and search rankings will rise naturally. While this is true, humans and robots only know what we tell them.

Many professional SEO companies, including MDPM Consulting, include a call to action paragraph at the end of all web pages and blogs. It looks something like this:

From his Grapevine dentist office, Dr. Montague serves families from Southlake, Keller, Lewisville, Colleyville, and surrounding communities. Call today to reserve your appointment. 

Often, the wording in this paragraph is either repeated verbatim or seems repetitive because changes are minor from page to page. To the potential patients, and certainly to robots, the call to action paragraph seems boring and extraneous. Why include it?

A Story About a Dentist in Southlake

A client of mine is a respected and successful dentist in Southlake, Tx – a little town nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth that many musicians, sports stars, and heavy-hitting CEOs call home. To say the least, competition is fierce for cosmetic dentists in Southlake. My client wanted to be on page one of Google results for many competitive phrases, but he also wanted to let families in surrounding towns know about his expertise in cosmetic dentistry.

My challenge was straightforward, but daunting. The doctor was willing to go on our Aggressive Selection dental marketing package, and we were building the website from the ground up – so he was providing me with everything I needed to do my job well. He is the ideal client for an SEO company. In fact, he was happy because our fees are much less than what some of his peers pay for dental marketing, and our design director worked with his daughter, a graphic artist, on the website design.

Meeting the Challenge

Of course we started the project with thorough keyword research, building out a website navigation that would provide a solid framework for ongoing SEO. A dental copywriter composed the website text, implementing the latest SEO techniques in copywriting. Then, the site was built on a responsive foundation, with a CMS and integrated SEO, plus social media marketing.

We took a baseline reading of his current search rankings for targeted keywords so that we can gauge improvement – as well as areas that may need improvement – over time. In addition, we gained administrative access to all of his social profiles and updated them, as necessary. His website included a blog, which we post original content to five times each week. Without going into more detail, suffice it to say that we created and implemented an SEO strategy built for long-term success.

That Pesky Call to Action Paragraph

After only a few months of having a live website and content management program, my Southlake dentist was, indeed, on page one for nearly all of his targeted keyword phrases, and website traffic was good. The doctor was pleased, as was my team.

During my SEO research for another doctor, one in Keller, Tx (which is just east of Southlake), I found that my Southlake doctor was popping up in search results for Keller dentists. His results also appeared in listing for dentists in other surrounding towns. What intrigued me most was that the indexed content showing up for these surrounding towns was the call to action paragraph – that short bit of repeated text at the bottom of each web page and blog. While the call to action is duplicate content, by the strictest form of the definition, it indexed, and it ranked on pages one and two for the cities mentioned. Success. Success!

The doctor agreed, telling us:  “I appreciate the proactive nature that you guys have.  A first in my internet promotion experience…”

Freedom to Do the Job Right

Oftentimes my client dentists ask me to remove the call to action paragraph, change their site’s navigation, or make minor alternations to their website because some variable that may influence SEO rankings seems irrelevant. I want to appeal to you to let your SEO company do its job. Let us determine the best strategy for your dental practice marketing, based on our experience and data. SEO is an evolving field, and in fact any classroom education on SEO is out of date within months. The very best way to achieve search engine ranking success is by letting a respected SEO company work for you.

At MDPM Consulting, we’ll do what you ask, if you are our client. However, your greatest opportunity for success will come if you allow us to take the reins and do what we know is best for your online marketing strategy. Your involvement is imperative, particularly on the front end, as we gather information and learn about your practice, team, goals, and community. After that, though, allowing us the freedom to work for you, without explaining every detail and possibility, will bring you success.

How can You Be Certain?

You can’t, so we don’t ask for a commitment. On our website, my favorite line is:

Your desire to do business with us should be based on our performance, quality, and service – not on a contractual obligation.

MDPM Consulting does not and will not require contracts, as long and Jill and I own the company. If we are not the right fit for your practice, or if your practice isn’t the right fit for our methods, you are under no obligation to stay with us. You only live once, and you deserve to do what you feel is right for your business.

We ask for a gentleman’s agreement that as a new client, you’ll allow six months after your site goes live before determining whether you like your SEO results.

We also ask that you seriously consider our initial suggestions for your SEO strategy. If you are in a market with little to moderate competition, you don’t need our Aggressive Selection, and we won’t try to sell it to you. However, if your goals are page one for multiple competitive keywords in a highly competitive market, our only change of pleasing you is with an aggressive SEO plan.

This is advice I give my clients and potential clients, but it can be applied to any SEO company you’re considering.

About the Author: Jill Smith Duty is COO at Modern Dental Practice Marketing Consulting. Her background includes small business management, copywriting, editing, and working in her grandfather’s lawn mower shop at the age of 6. Jill is passionate about her clients’ success because the successes of the small business are, ultimately, the successes of our great nation. To connect with Jill, email or visit her on LinkedIn.