New Website for Lathrop Dental Center

If a patient is looking a dentist, their first introduction to a practice will typically be a website. Any successful dental marketing strategy will involve creating a website, and a successful website should be easy to navigate, informative, and contain SEO. At MDPM Consulting, we provide dentists with the resources and expertise to create and maintain a quality site. Recently, we completed website build for Dr. Colin Lathrop of the Lathrop Dental Center.

Highlighting New Technology and Amenities

How would you feel about a business with a website that was visually unappealing with a confusing layout? From the homepage on, potential patients need to feel you offer a comfortable and professional dental experience. For Dr. Lathrop, we added a slider at the top of the page, incorporating images and brief copy highlighting smile makeovers, Botox, and sedation dentistry.

In the copy below, we discussed Dr. Lathrop’s dedication to education and preventive dentistry for the entire family, helping patients maintain healthy teeth and gums.

From there, we provide a place for Dr. Lathrop to discuss his overall philosophy, use of advanced dental technology, and office amenities. Finally, the bottom of the page contains links and relevant contact information. On the first page alone, patients can understand who Dr. Lathrop is and what services Lathrop Dental Service offers. This is the first step towards a dental marketing strategy that helps a practice grow.

SEO’d Infographics

One visually appealing element we’ve added to Dr. Lathrop’s page is infographics. Using a large digital image, an infographic allows our copywriters and graphic designers to create an arresting image that offers valuable information on a service or dental issue. For Dr. Lathrop, we created multiple infographics, including:

Typically, infographics are poor choices for SEO. Since the copy is contained within an image, the keywords are invisible to Google’s algorithms. However, MDPM Consulting recently discovered a new method for integrating SEO into infographics, offering a reader-friendly medium that improves SEO.

About MDPM Consulting: We employ a team of talented graphic designers and copywriters to build and maintain dental websites, blogs, microsites, and more. Using the latest SEO techniques, we can help you implement a successful dental marketing strategy. For more information, call us today at (972) 781-8861.