Top 10 Dental Marketing Blogs of 2013

Now in our fourth year of business, MDPM Consulting has produced over 500 blog posts for dentists to learn about marketing and SEO. I’m Jill Duty, COO and partner at MDPM, and I personally compose all of the blogs on*. Whether you perform your marketing in house or you use a company to market your practice, the MDPM blog provides tips and resources that will enhance your knowledge about dental practice marketing, search engine optimization, social networking, and how to make the most of your marketing budget.

The following list contains links to our 10 most popular blog posts of 2013 – you’ll see some from previous years, and some that talk about 2014. I’m always open to suggestions, so if you’d like me to blog on a particular topic in coming weeks, send your request to me via email. Be sure to join me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, as well. There, I often share other writers’ articles about marketing and dental care news.

1. Dental Marketing: Is ZocDoc a Wise Investment?

2. 14 Dental Marketing Musts for 2014

3. 5 Best Dental Internet Marketing Ideas in 2012

4. How to Choose a Dental Practice NameNaming Your Dental Practice

5. Social Networking Not Working for Your SEO Rankings?

6. Top 10 Blog Ideas for Dentists

7. 10 Tips for Promoting Your Dental Office

8. 3 Website Tests for 2014 SEO Success

9. 3 Tips to Consider Before Dental Web Design

10. Tips for Best Dental Website Keywords

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