Google Authorship for Dentists

From Google Webmaster Blog, we learn that becoming an “expert” will improve a site’s credibility, ultimately affecting rankings. What is an expert, to Google? How does one become an expert? There are no published definitions or guidelines to explain this mysterious assignment. As with much that Google offers businesses, we have to scope out the scene, gather information, and make an educated guess. We have to hypothesize.

I believe that there are a few factors to becoming an expert to Google.

  1. Quality, original content on your website
  2. Unsolicited links to your website
  3. Unsolicited mentions on social networks and review sites
  4. Playing the Google Game

What is Playing the Google Game?

Google has many opportunities for business owners and professionals. These include but are not limited to: Google+, Google+ Local, Google Authorship, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Chat, and YouTube. To play the Google game, you should be involved with at least a few of these offerings. One particular area of interest to investigate is Google Authorship. While Google claims that Authorship has no real bearing on search results, SEO experts believe that isn’t the whole truth.

Google Authorship

People who publish content online and have a Google+ profile can easily sign up for Google Authorship by going to and signing in with email. Simply follow the link emailed to your account, and follow the instructions. You can also link content to your Google profile by placing a snippet of code in your website or blog. You must include your name, as it appears in your Google+ profile, to your blogs or articles. When you do, your Google+ profile image will be displayed in Google search results, alongside the meta description and title tag.

Google tells us that authors linked to Google Authorship can see analytics for content in search, get more Google+ followers, and help users quickly discover your other content on the web. So, for Google, Authorship means more involvement in Google+, the company’s social network that competes with Facebook.

A more obvious benefit to the author is that his search engine results stand out from others because of the displayed Google+ photo.  My theory is, Google Authorship is one more way that small businesses and professionals can play the Google game, which ultimately will help with search rankings.

Help with Google Authorship

Dentists and physicians who have an MDPM Consulting website and/or blog with search engine optimization have the option of participating in Google+ and Google Authorship at no additional cost. We believe that Google Authorship involvement is part of SEO, and all small businesses that aim to compete in the online marketplace need to participate. For information on all of our services, call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861 or email us.

This blog was written by Jill Duty, COO at MDPM Consulting.