The Showroom: Dental Website Smile Galleries

Portfolio, gallery, before-and-afters…call it what you will, the smile gallery on a dentist’s website is an important marketing tool, particularly for cosmetic dentistry. It is the doctor’s resume, in pictures, and can have significant impact on potential patients who are more concerned with great results than the initial cost.

In the past, smile galleries featured either a Flash rotation, a file type that was not good for search engine optimization, or still images. Just as dental science has evolved in recent years, Internet technology has evolved. Today, a smile gallery can feature elements of motion, via a jQuery plugin, as well as search engine optimized text. This type of gallery is visible across all Internet devices.

Visual Aspects of Your Smile Gallery

jQuery plugins are an alternative to Flash, an antiquated file type that allowed motion on websites. If your website features a Flash smile gallery, you need to know that Flash files are not visible on Apple devices, and because the code is extensive, it impaires SEO. jQuery, on the other hand, is visible across all devices and features concise, SEO-friendly code. Another benefit of jQuery plugins is that they can be purchased, pre-made. Here’s an example of a jQuery before-and-after gallery plugin. When you’re ready for a smile gallery, your web designer can select a plugin, or you can select your own.

SEO of Your Smile Gallery

In my previous blogs, I’ve discussed the importance of original content for SEO. Google is an information engine, and by providing original, informative text on your website, you’re apt to rank higher than competitors using duplicate content. The best way to apply this to a smile gallery is by adding case descriptions and testimonials. Include links to procedures explained in more detail elsewhere on your website. Implement keyword-rich headings and solid metadata, as well.

If your website’s smile gallery needs an overhaul, or you want the best dental website smile gallery, call MDPM Consulting today. We know how to strike that essential balance between visually and SEO-friendly design, and we specialize in dental websites. For a complimentary consultation, call 972-781-8861, or email your website address to