Repetitive Blog Topics Part of Effective SEO Strategy


Pop Quiz: What is the primary purpose of a blog on a dental website?

Is it A) to educate patients; B) to get blog followers; C) to get social networking shares and likes; or D) to get more SEO credit?

A blog can do all of these things, but the primary purpose of a dentist’s blog is to get more SEO credit.

The Purpose of Blogs for Dentists

Oftentimes, client dentists ask why our writers reuse topics. If your blog discussed dental implants last month, do you really need to cover the information again? Isn’t that a bit repetitive?

If a dental blog were a dental patient’s magazine, then you’d be right. However, the truth is, your blog does not have subscribers like magazines do. Patients aren’t eagerly checking their email in anticipation of your next post. That is just silly. Your patients have lives filled with kids and jobs and hobbies and responsibilities. They don’t have time to read your blog posts about root canals and dental fillings. So, what’s the point of blogging, you ask.


Your blog’s main goal is to help your website rank higher in Google search results, for targeted keyword phrases. How much monetary profit and personal satisfaction do you enjoy after completing a full-mouth rehabilitation case or a full smile makeover? Would you like to do more of these procedures? To rank on page one of Google, and to have any hope of securing position one on page one, Google says you have to provide informative, original, quality information for it to index. Blogs meet this requirement very well.


Managing Blogs as an SEO Tool


I have mentioned in previous blogs that Google expert Matt Cutts has said, there’s no excuse for a business not having a blog in the modern world. You need a blog to compete now and in the future on Google. Just having a blog on your website is not enough. To leverage the blog as a marketing asset, you need a minimum of one original blog post per week. At MDPM Consulting, we’ve found that the recipe for success in a competitive market requires 3-5 posts per week, focusing on targeted keywords.


What we’ve seen in our ranking and traffic reports is, by adhering to a strict editorial calendar, which may appear repetitive to anyone reading all of your blog posts, your website will rank higher and wider (for more keyword phrases) overall. In addition, you can retain those high rankings because of the amount of informative, original, quality information you provide to Google.


We Can Handle It


Dentists who allow us to take over their dental website, optimize it for search, install Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, and create a competitive keyword list do quite well. Our most successful clients hold page one, position one, and multiple page-one entries on Google. In addition to providing the above services, we also blog 3-5 times per week, manage an editorial calendar, and post blogs to Facebook on behalf of these clients. How can we do all of this? Our staff of SEO professionals and content writers understand dental marketing, as well as clinical dentistry. For help with your SEO efforts, call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861 or email