Bad Google Reviews Botch Great SEO

If your dental website has fallen off page-one Google results, but you’ve not changed your marketing tactics, one or more not-so-great patient reviews may be to blame.

Reputation Management Solutions

Here’s an email I recently wrote to a client facing this very issue:
I see that you were on page one for [City] Dentist consistently earlier this year, and in the past month you’ve dropped off. I believe Google’s recent focus on public reviews may have fueled this. You have three reviews on Google, and while they are older, none are 5 stars. I strongly suggest you ask loyal patients to leave reviews on Google, and your rankings will improve, because from a content and coding standpoint, your site and blog look great. Google is by far the largest search engine, and it has moved more and more toward applying social reviews and mentions to a company’s overall SEO credit, affecting rankings for good and bad. What you need are some great reviews!
If you are comfortable asking for reviews, start doing so today. If not, we do have a package in which we create your profile page on 7 of the top review sites, then add those logos to a page of your website. The logos link directly to your pages, where patients can leave reviews. We send you a QR code to use in the office. We can also talk to the front office staff about who to ask for a review — and who not to ask (reading body language, using the best verbiage). Patients who visit your webpage from the QR code (on their phone) at your office, or at home on their own computer, can quickly access the page of review site logos. They can click on the one they’re most familiar with – perhaps they have a Yahoo or Yelp account,  but not a Gmail account. This makes leaving reviews easier. Many patients neglect to leave positive reviews because it takes time to find the page, create an account, login, and post. By having this page on your website, you take out have the frustration. This package has a one-time $800 setup charge and no monthly fee. The page becomes part of your website and is yours to keep forever. Other companies are charging $1000 setup and $300 monthly, and the page belongs to them, not the client. 

Asking Patients for Reviews

As far as how to ask for a patient review, which can be the hardest part, Zig Ziglar says, just do it. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know what the answer may have been. When I have a client that says “great job,” I often respond with, “Would you mind putting that in writing (lol)?” I go on to explain that we have a button on our website that makes leaving a review easy, and their review would be a personal favor to me. I explain that good reviews help with marketing, and they aren’t for sale, at least not to ethical business people. In most cases, pleased clients (or patients, in your case) will be happy to help.
If you’d like help overcoming negative reviews and improving your Google rankings, call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861 or email We stay on top of Google developments so that our clients know how to rank high, consistently!