Making Dental Website Copy Unique

I’ve been writing website copy for dentists for nearly a decade now, and I’ve had many copywriters and dentists ask me how I can write about common dental procedures hundreds of times and keep each composition unique. “After all,” they say, “a crown is a crown, and a root canal is a root canal.” While this is true as a generalization, it’s technically inaccurate.

Everyone Has Passion

As a dental marketing consultant and copywriter, my job is to search for what makes each dental practice unique. I’ve never been at a loss. When I interview a dentist, we discuss practice philosophy, patient care, target market, favorite procedures, continuing education, and more. Nine times out of ten, we come across a spark – a passionate point that the dentist loves to discuss. For some, the passion is in the people, for others, it’s in the science, art, or materials. Once we hit the hot button, we could talk all day long!

Keeping It Fresh

However, the definition of a dental crown is singular. So how can I, and my copywriters, string together different words to describe a crown thousands of ways? The writers I work with love words. We love writing as much as you love dentistry. For that reason, we have learned how to manipulate ideas and present the same product in different ways. In addition, all crowns are not the same. Here are some examples of what I might hear in an interview:

  • Dr. Kennedy: All-porcelain or zirconia crowns, made in an onsite dental lab. Primarily a cosmetic and restorative dentist.
  • Dr. Jackson: E-max or PFM crowns, made off-site in a respected lab. Stainless crowns for kids with primary teeth. General and family dentist in golf-course community.
  • Dr. Garfield: CEREC crowns made onsite, or PFMs made off-site by a friend who owns a lab. General dentist, downtown metropolitan area.
  • Dr. Washington: Porcelain, PFM, zirconia, precious metal crowns – does a lot of insurance-based business. General and family dentist in a middle class suburb.
  • Dr. Jefferson: Only da Vinci crowns. Nothing else will do. Never places crowns on front teeth; only veneers. Exclusively cosmetic.

Unique Services Copy and SEO

When it comes to dental marketing, do not settle for stock articles, also called patient education or library articles. They will harm your website’s SEO. Google, the great leader in search, tells us that any duplicate content on your website can harm your overall rankings, which will ultimately harm your traffic. Many dentists come to MDPM Consulting after working with a website company that claimed “a crown is a crown.” You are unique, your practice is unique, and a respectable marketing company will work with you to find the factors that set you apart from other dentists in your area. If you need original content for your existing website, you’d like a new dental practice website designed exclusively for you, or you want to add e-books and blogs to your marketing strategy, call the dental copywriting experts, MDPM Consulting, at 972-781-8861 today.