5 Ways to Improve Your Google Rankings Now

If you’re still trying to get more incoming links to improve your Google PageRank score, and you seem to be just treading water, consider the more recent suggestions Google offers for improving website rank. I regularly watch Google’s tips videos, read Matt Cutts’ blog, and jump on any new post at the Google Webmaster Tools Blog. With everything I’ve consumed on the topic of SEO, I know that these five components are vital to a website’s high rankings.

  1. Original content
  2. Blogging
  3. Reviews
  4. More content
  5. Social shares and mentions

I’ve actually had client dentists tell me that another SEO company said one or more of the above factors do not work. That’s just a load of horse-hay. Google suggests each of these things, and Google owns the search market right now. The truth is, the factors most important to Google require more work than most SEOs are willing to invest. You see, most SEO companies are primarily developers and technicians, but Google requires information, in the form of copywriting. Instead of ITs, you need IWs – Internet writers. Fortunately, with MDPM Consulting, you get both. 

The problem many dentists run into is how to acquire original content, blog posts, patient reviews, and social shares and mentions. Most dentists don’t have the time to create the content required for growing a website and social networking presence. That’s why MPDM Consulting has become extremely popular in the dental industry. We have a team of trained, edited copywriters who write solely for dentists and health-related companies. Not only do our copywriters understand clinical dentistry and marketing to dental patients, they also know the ADA rules regarding advertising – like not using statements of superiority or guaranteeing certain results. We also offer an affordable reputation management solution to increase the number of online reviews our clients receive. In addition to all of this, MDPM Consulting provides one-on-one consultations, regular SEO evaluations, and a team-based approach to dental practice marketing.

Call MDPM Consulting today if you need a website, website overhaul, blog, copywriter, or social networking help. Our copywriters and SEO experts will dedicate time and attention to defining keywords and creating an SEO strategy that works for your market. For a complimentary analysis, call Jill, our CEO, at 972-781-8861 today.