Leaving a Review on Google+ Local

This is great information for your dental patients who are interested in leaving you an online review. Feel free to print and distribute this information.  

Today, businesses across the globe are subject to marketing challenges that did not exist just a few years ago. Google is the largest search engine on the planet, claiming over 93% of all user searches, for both PCs and mobile. Businesses must have websites that are optimized for search, so Google will include them in search engine results. In addition to a website, business’ reputations hinge on online reviews, like those on Google+ Local and Yelp.

Take Time to Leave Reviews

Leaving a Google review takes just a few moments, and consumers are encouraged to leave reviews that support the businesses they love, as well as inform the public of issues with businesses that aren’t so hot. In many cases, only angry customers leave reviews. This can give a business a poor reputation online, even if only one customer in a bad mood took the time to leave a review. If you like your dentist, housekeeper, child care center, or auto mechanic, become part of the online consumer community and leave a positive review on Google+ Local for the business.

Here’s how to leave a Google review: 

  • Login to your Gmail account, or create a free gmail account and then sign in. (Takes just a minute!)
  • In Google Search, search for the name of the company you want to review. Click on the Google Reviews hyperlink in the map section, which normally shows up beneath the first few organic search results. The map section looks like the illustration. The Google Reviews hyperlink is identified on this map with a yellow arrow.
  • Alternatively, you can go into your Google+ account through your email, then search for a business there.
  • Once on the Google+ Local page for the company, you can upload a photo, give the business a +1 (public recommendation), and learn about the review scoring guide.
  • On the company’s Google+ Local page, scroll to the bottom of the customer reviews, then click the Write a Review button.
  • Select a quality score of 0 (poor) to 3 (excellent).
  • Write your review, then click publish.
  • In some cases, Google filters reviews to make sure they are legitimate. If yours does not immediately show up in the reviews list, it may be in a holding tank for review by Google.

Small Businesses Get Help

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