What Dentist Website SEO and Dieting Have in Common

Composing Original Text is Hard Work

The majority of dieters give up because dieting is hard work. It takes discipline, effort, and dedication. Quick weight-loss systems claim to work for everyone and promise to keep the weight off, but in the long run, most fail. Similarly, many dental marketing companies look for an easy out by using library articles, also called stock content, as a quick-fix for website text. These patient education articles explain dental services like crowns, fillings, and root canals. While the articles are usually well written and clinically accurate, because they are on more than one website, Google does not give them much SEO credit. They don’t keep the rankings up, long-term.

In fact, Google explains in one blog post that any duplicate content, defined as text featured on more than one website, can negatively impact a site’s rankings. Writing original content for all of the dental services your practice offers can seem quite daunting. That’s precisely why many SEO companies will say that library articles and duplicate content don’t matter to Google’s rankings. This statement is not true, but it sells websites. What dentists need is a solution that works for the long haul. What dentists need, according to Google, is original, well optimized text.

Stick-to-it-iveness is Essential in Copywriting

Creating a well-trained, disciplined copywriting team that caters exclusively to the dental niche is a difficult task. I should know – not only am I a dental copywriter, but I built the MDPM copywriting and editing team. My team has to have a solid grasp of written communication, as well as clinical dentistry, dental advertising regulations, search engine optimization, and marketing. This expertise requires constant training and collaboration, as well as direction by a competent editor. Like dieting, original copywriting for dentists is hard work! Few want to do it, and of those who do, even fewer are disciplined enough to stick with it long term. Waking up and writing about crowns for the ump-teenth time may seem like punishment to you, but the MDPM dental copywriting team loves it, just like you love providing dental care to your patients — and just like successful dieters enjoy seeing their pounds slip away…and stay away. Discipline achieves success.

Assess, Adapt, Advance

Regardless of body type, with weight-loss diets, everyone needs to analyze two things: nutrition and exercise. The analysis results for these factors varies from person to person, so the path to losing weight also varies. Some people may need to cut carbs and increase cardio exercise, while others might lose more weight by reducing portion sizes and exercising more often. Similarly, we analyze SEO analytics, including traffic and rankings, to determine a website’s “perfect diet.” In some situations, a website needs more pages of original content, while other times, a site needs more incoming links from blogs and articles posted elsewhere online. Even so, what works today may need adjustment next month, as Google regularly changes its indexing algorithm. A great SEO company will remain on top of Google’s changes and each client’s unique situation. On a regular schedule, we assess client sites’ rankings and traffic; we adapt their SEO strategy for optimal success; then we advance our efforts. Next, we go back to the analysis phase to determine what worked well and how to continue improving.

Dentist Website Success with Content Marketing

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