Is Your Dental Website in Local Listings?

Also called business directories, local listings, are websites that work like a phone book, providing information in a searchable, organized manner for Internet users. In addition to Google, Bing, and Yahoo, Yelp, Merchant Circle, LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, Whitepages, Supermedia, Mapquest, and Four Square are good examples of local listings.  

Why Local Listings Matter

To compete in today’s dental market, dentists need a website that’s optimized for search, according to Google’s recommendations. One thing the mega-search giant suggests is becoming an “expert.” To a dentist who’s completed his doctorate, attends CEs, and manages a dental practice, the level of “expert” has been achieved. However, Google’s idea of an expert is measured solely by your online reputation and presence. To Google, the more original, optimized text that links to your site, the more of an expert you’ll appear. In addition, keeping your main site updated, accumulating positive patient reviews online, and gaining backlinks to your site with articles and press releases will help your expert status. Local listings are also a good idea.

Selecting Listings for Your Dental Website

Your website does not necessarily need to be on all local listings in the world. Instead, select those that are free, or affordable for your marketing budget, and popular. Kudzu is a prime example of a popular local listing website in the southern US, while Proudly Canadian is obviously a Canadian business listing.

Registering for Listings

I suggest keeping it simple. Register for the free and popular business listings, then rely on content marketing and website SEO to make you into an “expert” according to Google. The single most important factor in business listings is to list your dental practice name, address, and phone number exactly as it appears in Google+ Local (formerly Google Places, formerly Google Maps). This is how Google will associate your business listings with your website – which will ensure that you, and not another business, acquire search credit for the listings.

Help with Dentist Website Marketing

If you need assistance with your dental office website, SEO, copywriting, or branding, call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861, or email us at We offer completely custom, as well as template, dental websites. Our team of dental marketing experts is ready to help you become an expert on Google, so you can win new patients and enjoy the rewards of success.