5 Secrets to Best Dentist Website SEO

Today, I watched a video about how SEO grows over time. It’s true. We know that organic SEO is better than paid search: 70% of web users don’t click on PPC ads, like Adwords on Google, and when you stop funding your PPC account, your ads go away. With organic search, once your dentist website earns page-one Google rank for coveted keyword phrases, you will see results in the way of new patients. What’s the secret to this level of success? Well, there are 5 secrets…

  1. Be Patient: The longer your well optimized dentist website is active, the higher rankings you’ll earn.
    Your site will not be on page one for anything when it goes live. Over 30, 60, 90, 120 days – then from quarter to quarter and year to year – your site’s rankings will become higher and wider. You’ll rank higher for the terms in your strategy, and you’ll rank for more terms.
  2.  Be Persistent: Organic SEO is the single most cost effective, controllable marketing strategy available, but it takes time.
    I have seen long-term organic SEO strategies pay off again and again and again. If you have a well optimized website, you add pages and tweak the site as your practice grows and changes, and you blog religiously, your site will show up on top of Google rankings for the keyword phrases that are the focus of your content marketing strategy. Year one is okay. Year two is really good. After year three, traffic really takes off, and you can be on page one for all of the keyword phrases you’ve been working toward.
  3. Track Results: If you don’t watch your traffic and rankings, you won’t have a clue which efforts are and aren’t working.
    I’ve seen many dentists and many website companies track data. Some look at the data and have little idea what they’re seeing. Others see unmet goals and completely overhaul their strategy. What rarely occurs is what should be the standard: analyze the data and make changes that improve results.
  4.  Tweak Strategy: All the data in the universe means zilch if you don’t analyze the results, learn your strengths and weaknesses, and apply strategy tweaks to move toward your goals, page one position one for all keyword phrases.
  5. If your dentist website is not ranking as high as you’d like for a particular keyword phrase, you must determine how to change that. Keyword strategies for blogging, articles, website pages, and metadata are essential. Incoming link strategies are also highly effective, if properly executed. These are the types of tweaks necessary for gaining ground in search.
  6. Go Back to #1: Don’t get anxious and antsy. Be patient. It will pay off!
  7. So many dentists invest in a website and SEO strategy, expecting results in 6 months or less. You can have results, but you can’t rule the world inside of a year. This is another reason why analyzing the data is so important. If your strategy is effective, you’ll see improvements in rankings, even a few positions at a time, and know that your efforts and investments are working. It’s like dieting. You can’t lose 50 pounds in a month. If you did, it wouldn’t last. Instead, effective dieters take joy and pride in each pound and inch they lose. Dieting is a commitment that requires daily effort and regular analysis, and staying on track. Organic SEO is the same type of commitment.

Taking Our Own SEO Advice
At MDPM Consulting, we follow the 5 secrets I just shared with you. Our entire success is built on long-term relationships with our client dentists, and those relations are based on great SEO results. The clients who believe that organic SEO is extremely cost effective but takes time are those who earn the most new patients. If you’d like to discuss dentist website SEO, or you want a free analysis of your website, call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861, or email us at info@moderndentalmarketing.com.