Dental Marketing, the Human Approach

I’m often asked what makes MDPM Consulting different from other dental website companies. A comparison isn’t apples to apples, that’s for sure. Here are just a few points to answer that question:
1. We don’t rely on automated systems to generate SEO data. We pull the data and a human analyzes it, based on Google’s most recent roll outs. Google changes its algorithm constantly, and only a human analyst can stay on top of the newest roll outs, then oversee changes required for the writers and technicians involved in your projects. We may change keywords, copy strategy, metadata, or the editorial calendar. Data is great, but if you don’t apply changes for improvement, it’s just a bunch of numbers. This is why our clients didn’t get hit with lower rankings when Google rolled out 25 Panda and multiple Penguin updates. We do SEO right, from the start. We do what Google asks, and we do it well. 
2. Our dental writers are trained in clinical dentistry, SEO, and writing. They work under a directing editor, and I am actually a copywriter by trade, so we take immense pride in our writing. Most companies hire freelancers who are unfamiliar with ADA advertising regulations and clinical dentistry. This can really get a dentist into trouble! Each of our clients is assigned a blogger who will learn about the doctor, the practice, and the patient care philosophy before writing content for blogs or websites. This blogger is always available by email, as are our SEO diagnostician and copy director.
3. As for customer service, both of our founders (Jill and me), as well as our key directors, have cell phones that we answer all the time. You can reach Jill or me on the weekend and after hours, in case of an emergency. We know that dentists work during office hours, and marketing isn’t their job, it’s ours. So, we have decided to make ourselves available to our clients when they have time to concentrate on marketing — and that’s sometimes outside of office hours, when they aren’t seeing patients.
4. Our client dentists are small business owners who need our help, so we develop a long-term relationship with them and always advise the most economical and effective strategies for marketing their practice. For instance, the demographics of social networking users vary from network to network. Not every dentist needs to engage in every social media site. Instead, we know which sites a dentist’s target market use, and we can work with the dentist’s team to develop a solid strategy for success. Another example is keyword strategy. A Chicago dentist wants to be number one on Google for “Chicago dentist.” That’s a lofty goal that, with work, can be accomplished in perhaps a year or more. However, there are tons of other keyword phrases that potential dental patients search for, and we know what they are and how to come up on top of Google for them. We understand SEO strategy, so our client dentists don’t have to. They just see results.
5. Our reports are based on information from Google and WordPress, not a proprietary system that skews the data. This is the only ethical way to serve our clients and meet ranking goals. We create easy-to-read reports and take time to review those reports on the phone with our client dentists. Then, we work with the dentists to make sure that the keyword and marketing strategy are on par with the dentist’s marketing goals.
6. Every blog, microsite, and dental website we build is created on a WordPress content management system, to which our clients have access. So, should a client decide to self-host or sell his practice, the site is completely transferable. We can simply package it up and turn it over at any time. We don’t have contracts, either. Your desire to do business with us should be based on our performance, quality, and service — not on a contractual obligation!
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