Dentist Asks: What can I do to get more Google reviews?

This week, I received a great question from Dr. Quinn Smith of Pecan Tree Dental in Grand Prairie, Tx. I thought all dentists might be interested in this…

MDPM Team,

This weekend I googled “Grand Prairie Dentists”…Pecan Tree Dental comes up as #1!  I feel like what MDPM is doing by SEO and blogging has made the difference. I then noticed, Pecan Tree Dental is not found on the map on the first page of the search.

1. How can I get placed on that [Google] map with the red markers?
2.  How would you suggest I get ratings and reviews from my current patients?  I have not been very successful to that regard and I’d love to put a system in place with my staff or with [my patient communication software] to gain many positive reviews and ratings.


Thanks for the feedback. We keep telling people, blogging works! Glad you’re reaping the benefits. Sounds like you understand that your Google+ Local listing (Google Maps/Google Places) will rank higher if you get more reviews. That’s absolutely true. The trick is getting the reviews. The very best system I’ve seen is Demandforce. I’m not recommending you use Demandforce, though you could — they have a great product. However, the patient testimonials they collect are not Google reviews, which is what you seek. Instead, I would condone using their model. This would take time and effort on the part of your front office staff. I’ve not seen any office dedicated to this practice, but I do believe it would work well.

First, the staff member who checks patients out after treatment should ask all patients if she can send them an email with a quick and easy appointment critique, …”to help Dr. Smith know how your appointment went. We’re always looking for ways to improve.” She should make a note of anyone who may give a bad review, based on their attitude at checkout.

Then, at the end of each week, an office team member should send out emails to all patients seen that week. From most patients, the email should first and foremost ask for a personal review on Google. Include one sentence of instruction and a link to your Google+ Local account. Not everyone will have a gmail account. After this initial request, include a quicklink to an online survey. You can set one up with a service like Survey Monkey, if you prefer. We can even set one up on your website, if you like. Just let me know. Those patients who do not have a gmail account, and won’t create one, can opt to complete the online survey. Those answers should funnel directly to you, the dentist, for review.

Now, those patients who you don’t think will give you a positive review should NOT receive the request for a Google review. Instead, their email should direct them to the survey.

I believe this strategy can provide the following benefits:

  1. Acquire Google+ Local review for better SEO
  2. Allow patients without a gmail acct to submit a simple survey
  3. Allow patients who want to “vent” about your office to submit a survey — instead of going to a public review site
  4. Show all of your patients that you care about their experience

In Texas, I don’t believe that you can compensate a patient for a testimonial or referral. If you could, I’d add a monthly drawing for everyone who posts a review or submits a survey. The winner might receive a dinner for two to a local restaurant, or something to that effect.

I do hope this helps you!

All the best!
Jill Duty, COO
MDPM Consulting