A Marketing Innovation: Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Dental Websites

What is a responsive, mobile-friendly website?


Research tells us that 70% of web users look online for health care services and today, smart phones and tablets are more popular than ever. Dentists need to understand that patients are looking for their services online, and often on a mobile device.

MDPM Consulting builds custom websites that work across all devices and browsers. Our mobile-friendly designs render beautifully on any tablet or smart phone and include custom menus that make navigation easy on touch screens, on large or small tablets, and on the smallest of smart phone screens.

While navigation is important, so is text. We build our sites so that text remains large and readable across all screen sizes, horizontally, and vertically. Design components shift linearly to fit on small screens, without losing important visual elements like buttons and call outs.

Responsiveness refers to a website’s ability to shrink with a window, like this… and all of our sites are now equipped with responsive design.

As a bonus, we create a custom-branded icon that makes your logo look like an app on most smart phones. Install the icon on your mobile device, then click the logo to go directly to your website.

Don’t pay extra for a mobile-friendly, responsive web design.

Call MDPM Consulting for a state-of-the-art dental website with:
• A responsive design that works on all devices and browsers
• An app-like favicon for your website
• Excellent search engine optimization and reporting
• An easy-to-use CMS, or content management system, so you can make updates if you like
• Top tier customer service and support, even on weekends
• Access to innovative designers, copywriters, and technical gurus
• The latest developments in dental marketing technology
• Advice and support from marketing experts who serve dental practices across the US and abroad

An innovative website that looks amazing on all devices will attract patients who appreciate quality dental care and excellent health.

Call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861, or visit us online at www.mdpmdentalmarketing.com, and let’s get started on your mobile-friendly, responsive website!