FAQs About Dental Blogs

Why blog on a domain that’s not my main website?

Many of our client dentists rank multiple times on page one of Google for specific, popular keyword phrases, and we attribute this to not only having a blog, but also making the blog act as a microsite by being on a separate domain. Microsites are becoming intensely popular as a new avenue to improve SEO. At MDPM Dental, we’ve been creating blogs that act as microsites for three years now! Some of our client dentists hold 70-90% of the page-one Google real estate for a keyword phrase. Generally, Google shows 10 organic listings on page one, so I’m saying that some of our clients have 7-9 listings on a page one search result. It’s amazing how content can truly enhance a dentist’s SEO strategy.

What does a blog site include?

Our blog sites include the domain, design elements, and pages. We can include an email “contact us” form, if you prefer. In addition to the blog set up, we’ll claim and/or create your Google+ Local and Facebook listings. The blog will have both WordPress and Google Analytics installed, so we can see how many visitors the site has, where they live, and what brought them to your blog site. We will post each of your blogs to your Facebook page, so your social networking will automatically look fresh and appealing to visitors. The backlinks from Facebook to your blog, and from your blog to your website also help overall SEO.

What does blogging include?

For the actual blog posts, I suggest you begin with three per week, or 12 per month. This is our moderate plan, and experts (including HubSpot) suggest that small businesses blog 3 times per week with original content for maximum SEO results. We include quarterly SEO reports emailed to the client. Remember that every post is unique, written just for you, and that the posts not only help your Google rankings, but also integrate with Facebook. We don’t recommend that you post the blogs anywhere else online, as this would make them duplicate text, per Google’s standards. However, you will own the blog text and can use it in the office, in print materials, or in email blasts and newsletters to your patients.
To start blogging now, all you have to do is call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861. We can set up your new blog site and start blogging in a matter of just a few weeks. Because blogs are indexed fast on Google, you could see results in just 30 days! Call now to learn more about how blogging will maximize your dental practice marketing and win you new patients.