What’s In It for Me? Dental Patients Want to Know!

Experienced marketing professionals will tell you, you must broadcast the benefits of your services to potential patients. Before consumers swipe their card or sign a check, they want to know what’s in it for them. Why do you deserve a share of their hard-earned money?

Identify Your Benefits

If you’ve never taken the time to write a mission and vision statement, do so now. The complaint I hear from many dentists is that all mission statements sound alike. The challenge I hear in that complaint is to be original, genuine. People, including patients and your staff, will respect you for conveying your passion to them. We all respect passion.

So, think about what drove you to your field, what you love about dental science, and what you offer your patients. Why should they pay for your services? Why should they spend their hard-earned money on your dental care, when it costs more than the clinic down the road? This is the roots from which your mission and vision should grow.

During the process of composing your mission and vision statements, you’ll name the benefits you offer patients. Those very benefits should become the basis of your marketing message – your brand.

Create a Culture of Caring

Everyone on your team, from the front office to the back, full time and part time, should not only know, but most importantly, buy in to your mission and vision. They must understand that your passion is, let’s say, to provide aging patients with higher quality of life, better health, and more self-confidence by replacing missing teeth with dental implants, then assisting in long-term dental health maintenance.

Your team must understand their role in making your vision come to fruition. They have to offer excellent customer service in the front office, with empathy, understanding, patience, and urgency when needed. The clinical team must be kind, gentle, considerate, and respectful of their patients’ feelings, concerns, and choices. You, as the dentist, must lead your team by example and develop a culture of caring. Your patients, new and old, will feel your genuine concern and count it as an important benefit.

Market Strategically

First, do not market with scare tactics. Some people may make purchases out of fear, but many will feel scolded and resentful – and they will be sure to tell everyone how you made them feel. Instead, share your expertise with your sincere passion, but also with compassion and empathy. Instead of “your gum disease will cause all of your teeth to fall out if you don’t take action,” try “I don’t want to see you become part of the staggering statistics of edentulous people…let’s talk about how we can manage your gum disease and get you back in A+ shape.”

The single most effective and economical marketing is word of mouth, and this has been a truth for decades, if not centuries. By showing compassion and empathy, you’ll win your patients over, and they’ll not only tell their friends about you, they’ll post positive online reviews about their experience. The Internet has taken word of mouth marketing to new heights. Instead of touching just their immediate circle of contacts, your patients can influence an unmeasured number of potential patients online.

Spreading the Word

Google wants information. The unprecedented success of this search engine has been fueled by content, provided by people like you and me. Google tells us, in the Webmaster Tools Blog, how to rank high on their search engine results pages, or SERPs. The key is good content – that’s original, helpful content that answers Google’s searchers’ questions. As a dentist, you can provide answers to some of the most common dental and health-related Google searches, simply by publishing content on your website, microsites, and blogs, and in articles. If you don’t have time to write and publish content, MDPM Consulting can do it for you.

Put Our Expertise to Work for You

MDPM Consulting is the only dental marketing company in the United States that offers a content-based SEO strategy. We employ a highly educated team of dental copywriters, trained in clinical dentistry and SEO strategies. We also have an editor with a master’s degree in English. Add to this team our SEO diagnostician, who constantly reviews our clients’ website rankings for targeted keyword phrases. The data she collects goes into a strategy that begins with an editorial calendar, targeting keywords that need better rankings. Working together, our SEO diagnostician, editor, and copywriters compose blogs, website pages, articles, and other indexable content for our client dentists.

To learn how SEO content marketing can push your dental website to the top of Google, call MDPM Consulting today at 972-781-8861.