Blogger vs WordPress for Dental Marketing

Experts agree, WordPress, not Blogger, is the professional platform that businesses should use. Google’s Blogger is considered more of a hobbyist’s blog platform, in marketing and technology circles.

Google owns Blogger, and Google holds over 90% of the social media market. Knowing this, you might think that a blog on Blogger would have better SEO. This isn’t the case. Why? One reason is that most blog content now comes from WordPress sites.

Why WordPress Works

WordPress is the biggest platform for blogging, and it’s open source. This means, developers across the globe continually create enhancements and plugins that improve many aspects of WordPress sites, from user experience (UX) to search engine optimization (SEO) to visual appeal. This global team of developers work together and independently to improve WordPress’ capabilities. It’s a pretty amazing, communal philosophy in which everyone benefits.

In addition to its constant improvements, evolution, and new plugin options, WordPress is easily customizable, because it’s open source. In fact, MDPM Consulting builds our client dentists’ websites, microsites, and blog sites on a WordPress CMS because of its ease of use and SEO benefits.
Ownership is a topic of legal concern, and with the digital world, as well as the international use of the Internet, there are gray lines about ownership. In this scenario, the big dogs usually win. What I mean is, Facebook’s user agreement gives Facebook rights to use anything you post on that platform. Who owns the comments you make on your friend’s Facebook page? Facebook does. This begs the question, who owns the content in a Blogger blog post? The blog is hosted at blogger, not in your own hosting account.

WordPress is different. You can use WordPress and host in your own account. Heck, you can have your own servers. WordPress does not care. WordPress is simply a framework that you can use, and you can take it anywhere you want. At MDPM Consulting, we build websites on WordPress, but we don’t keep rights to the sites. Unlike many dental marketing companies, your site, complete with WordPress CMS, can be transferred anywhere you want it to go – it’s yours to keep forever.

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